Hearing aid technology and innovation is changing rapidly and will continue to benefit people in a very dramatic ways. For instance, there is now a smartphone app that allows you to change the volume of your hearing aid and the equalization of the sound all while leaving the hearing aid in your ear and without having to touch it.

Today’s hearing aids have digital technology that uses small computer chips and can be programed to adjust for reducing background noise and improving speech and noise interference. You can go to a restaurant and it will increase the recognized speech and improve speech understanding in that environment.

Hearing aids can automatically reduce wind noise.

Local hunters using our hearing aids don’t worry about the wind and turn up the hearing aid volume to hear elk bugling.

Businesses and Churches become Hearing aid compliant

With people who go to church technology is being used so that they can hear the minister if the church has been wired with a 'Loop'. The person can put the hearing aids in the telephone position to hear the sermon through the hearing aids. The Loop is a wire that is run around the edges of the church. It works with magnetic induction. All hearing aids have the Loop capability although not all churches have installed the Loop. Theaters are also being made hearing aid compatible with the Loop.

Ease of use

Hearing aids now are capable of being connected to a smartphone so you can ride in your car and talk hands free on your cell phone where the sound comes through the hearing aid. In the near future they will go directly Bluetooth to cell phones.

Want to hear the TV directly in your hearing aid? You can. There is a device that you connect directly to the TV and the audio is sent directly to the hearing aids.

We have set up a device with body guards. They use a wireless system that utilizes hearing aids in their communication with each other.

Another person we’ve helped works in a processing plant. He needs communicate with the other workers in the plant. He uses a hearing aid that is specialized and connected by bluetooth to his radio. This allows him to hear the other workers and he uses a remote to talk back to them. The remote also allows him to connect to his digital audio player and listen to music and cell phone.

We can and do reduce frequencies in the area where there is a lot of noise. We won’t block out an entire frequency because you still want to be capable of hearing and aware of a lot of background sounds . Just like with our natural hearing we are able to hear a lot of things but we tune it out even though it is there, even though something like a clap of thunder go off in the background we are still capable of hearing that while we communicating with someone. We don't want to block out any frequencies because we want you to be aware of your surroundings.

Audiological Advances for Hearing Treatment