Ruud’s Hearing Aid Service was started by Lester Ruud in 1961 in Pendleton after moving from Enterprise OR in WallowaLR01 County. Lester traveled throughout North Eastern Oregon selling hearing aids and using Pendleton as his main office.

 PR02In 1978 he sold the Pendleton office and North Eastern Oregon territory to his son Philip Ruud. Philip has operated the hearing aid sales and service for over 36 years. He has traveled to John Day, Heppner, Hermiston, Baker City, Enterprise, Milton Freewater and Walla Walla.

The hearing aid industry has dramatically changed since Philip began selling hearing aids. The only hearing aids available when he started were body type hearing aids, in the temples of glasses and over the ear hearing aids. The hearing aids today are all in the ear and behind the ear. The technology now can be managed by computer. The hearing aids can be set more precisely to the hearing loss. The hearing aids now are digital allowing for better speech and word understanding in noise.